1. SMILEY THE CLOWN (KLOVN SMEHULJKO in Serbian) performs show programs and performances for children containing: MAGIC TRICKS, BALOON MODELLING, PUPPETS & MUPPETS, FACE PAINTING, CHILDREN'S GAMES, ACTING, DANACING, SINGING... He also plays PIANO and DOUBLE BASS, and composes music (ambiental, new age, Celtic, spiritual, movie music) in his free time. (See photo gallery)


2. He got great inspiration for work with children after his stay in NEW YORK, SAN DIEGO and DISNEYLAND, where he met American entertainers for the first time, from whom he learned a lot.


3. He acted in two seasons of children show series which was broadcasted daily on Children's Television - Channel D (Decija Televizija - Kanal D). The name of the show was Show Program of Smiley the Clown (Sou program klovna Smehuljka).


4. Invited by humanitarian organization THE ONENESS HEART TEARS AND SMILES from New York, Smiley visited children in ASIA who lost their parents in tsunami and performed for them. When he returned to Serbia he was put on the list of top ten humanitarians for the year 2005 in the TV show TIMOFEJEV, STUDIO B TV (see exclusive - Smiley in Asia)


5. Smiley the Clown made the first REVIEW OF CLOWN HATS, CAPS AND CROWNS MADE OF BALOONS. The collection includes BALOON BRACELETS FOR FALLING IN LOVE, LITTLE RINGS OF BALOONS AND A BALL DRESS MADE OF BALOONS. A part of the collection was shown at the KIDS FAIR, in the morning program on Serbian national television's first channel (JUTARNJI PROGRAM RTS), in the program On Fridays at Two (PETKOM U DVA) on PINK television, by the presenter Jelena Bacic Alimpic (see exclusive - review of balloon hats)


6. Smiley the Clown has done many humanitarian projects for THE HOMES WITH NO PARENTAL CARE, REFUGEES CAMPS, ETHNIC MINORITY CHILDREN, CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, and among most important ones is cooperation with PRINC ALEKSANDAR AND PRINCESS KATARINA KARADJORDJEVIC, as well as his cooperation with PRINCESS JELISAVETA KARADJORDJEVIC (see exclusive - Smiley at the White Royal Court)


7. Smiley the Clown performed, did promotions and presentations for many renowned firms and companies. (See Smiley's references)


8. Smiley took part, led the program or performed at many carnivals, among which are PANCEVO CARNIVAL, KOTOR CARNIVAL, CARNIVAL OF SHIPS, CARNIVAL IN VRNJACKA BANJA,...)


9. The work of Smiley the Clown has been supported throughout many years by many TV stations (RTS, PINK, B92, BK, STUDIO B, KOSAVA, POLITIKA, KANAL D, HAPPY TV) as well as many newspapers (POLITIKA, BLIC, VECERNJE NOVOSTI, KURIR, PRESS, ALO, GLAS JAVNOSTI). (see Smiley on TV and Smiley in newspapers)


10. Smiley the Clown is a member of Magicians Club in Belgrade. He performed with DUSANKA BOJICIC, a poet and founder of SCHOOL FOR CULTURE AND NICE MANNERS (Skola za kulturu i negovanje lepog ponasanja). He acted in the play PICOLINO THE CHILD OF CIRCUS (Pikolino dete cirkusa), written by a nuclear physicist Prof. Ph. D. VLADIMIR AJDACIC. For New Year's Eve Smiley performs shows as SANTA CLAUS CIRA (Deda Mraz Cira).


11. Smiley the Clown has been practicing dancing for many years (jazz ballet, show dance, modern ballet, classical ballet). He started his dancing career in the dancing school KAZINA in Ljubljana, and continued it in KAZALISTE KOMEDIJA in Zagreb where he learned jazz ballet in the class of BRANKA KOLAR, modern ballet in the class of DARKO KOLAR and classical ballet in the class of SONJA KASTL. He danced for many years in the BALET STUDIO OF EDITA CEBALO, where he learned jazz ballet with EDITA CEBALO and SNIJEZANA LILEK, as well as in STUDIO FOR MODERN DANCING (Studio za savremeni ples, modern ballet in the class of ZAGA ZIVKOVIC) and ZAGREB DANCING ANSAMBLE (Zagrebacki plesni ansambl, classical ballet in the class of SNIJEZANA ABRAMOVIC & MARA SESARDIC)


12. He acted in the following plays. 1. THE EMPEROR FRANJO JOSIP IN ZAGREB (Car Franjo Josip u Zagrebu, directed by Vlado Stefancic, in KAZALISTE KOMEDIJA), 2. ODISSEY AND HIS SONS (Odisej i njegovi sinovi, directed by Veno &Vito Taufer, in ZAGREBACKO KAZALISTE MLADIH), 3. BOSSA NOVA (directed by Boris Bakal, in STUDENTSKI KULTURNI CENTAR), 4. NEW YEAR'S FAIRY TALE (Novogodisnja bajka, in KONCERTNA DVORANA VATROSLAV LISINSKI), 5. many entertainment programs of CROATIAN TELEVISION (Hrvatska televizija) in the shows along with stars such as Novi Fosili, Tereza Kesovija, Zeljko Bebek, Jasna Zlokic, Ljupka Dimitrovska, Danijel Popovic and others. 6. numerous dancing projects, performances, reviews of the above mentioned dancing studios he danced for, 7. numerous individual projects and various manifestations where he performed as a solo show-dance and jazz ballet dancer .


13. Smiley the Clown was the choreographer and personal trainer of TATJANA MATEJAS TAJCI for her song at the Euro song contest in Zagreb in 1990.


14. In Belgrade, Smiley worked in DANCING STUDIO PRINC (Plesni Studio Princ) with MIDRAG MICA JANDRISEK for a long time, where he met for the fist time with educational work with pre-school children. He played in children's plays DANCING FAIRY TALE (Plesna bajka) 1, 2, 3 and in the play WHAT I AM GOING TO BE WHEN I GROW UP (Sta cu biti kad porastem, directed by Miodrag Mica Jandrisek, in SAVA CENTAR and DOM SINDIKATA).

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